Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead


Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

A Closer Look # M y M i d t o w n V i e w Look Ahead N o w I n V i e w

A quick glimpse at some of the new projects we’re working on in 2016.

2016 Capital Improvements

Juniper Street: Full Streetscaping, 14th St. to Ponce
$5.6M  |  On-street parking, barrier-separated bike lane, bioswales, landscaping and more. Construction drawings are underway, with construction anticipated to begin late-2016.


Spring Street: Full Streetscaping from 17th to Peachtree Street
$2.4M  |  New sidewalks, lights, trees and more. 2016 activities include engineering design and permitting. 

Midtown Traffic Optimization Program (MTOP)
$1M  |  MTOP will continue to address signal timing, upgrade and replace broken equipment and repair broken fiber for signals. 

7th Street Two-Way Conversion
$362K  |  The 7th Street corridor, running from West Peachtree Street to Piedmont Avenue, will be converted from one-way access to two-way. Scope of work includes striping, signage, paving and 3
new/modified eastbound traffic signals at Peachtree Street, Juniper Street, and Piedmont Avenue.


Comprehensive Sidewalk Repair Program
$200K  |  Midtown Alliance is continuing a sidewalk repair program to fix cracked, broken and damaged sidewalks in approximately 100 locations on priority corridors throughout the Midtown Improvement District. Repairs will improve walkability and accessibility.


Peachtree Street Intersection Improvements
$1.2M  |  Going into design phase in 2016 are several improvements along Peachtree Street at 14th Street, 15th Street, Peachtree Circle and Deering Road.

Last Mile Intersection Improvements
$1.8M  |  Pedestrian mobility and safety improvements throughout Midtown’s 140 intersections, including crosswalks and new traffic and pedestrian signals, is planned for implementation to begin in 2016.

Crescent Avenue Repairs
$130K  |  Running from 12th Street to 14th Street, projects along Crescent Avenue will repair cracked sidewalks, fix the crosswalk and pavement at the intersection with 14th Street, create a new planter at the corner of 12th and Crescent, remove a bulbout planter and reassign parking to create a loading zone.

New Wayfinding Signage
Look for updated maps and fresh historical narrative at 38 wayfinding kiosks throughout the district. Midtown Alliance partnered with the Atlanta History Center to tell the stories of significant places and events in Midtown as part of the update.


2016 Design and Planning

Sub-area Studies
Fresh from the ideas generated in 2015 as part of the Blueprint 3.0 initiative, Midtown Alliance is focusing on 4-5 studies that seek to accentuate characteristics found in distinct neighborhoods within the District.


15th Street Extension (new street between West Peachtree and Williams Street)
Traffic studies indicate this extension would relieve peak congestion on 14th Street and improve connectivity. 2016 activities include design work.

Midtown MARTA Station Enhancements + Plaza Activation
Plans include substantial enhancements to the Midtown transit station and the plaza adjacent to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, creating a linear public plaza on either side of 10th Street.


Midtown Arts Walk
A unique pedestrian experience punctuated by creative landscaping, lighting and interactive artistic elements along a half-mile walk between the Midtown and Arts Center MARTA stations.


Public Safety
Working together, APD/Midtown Blue are adding bike patrols and mobile reporting technology to increase time spent in the field. 

Owner’s Manual
Midtown Alliance is publishing a new set of design guidelines in 2016 that encourage developers to strive for more excellence in projects that go beyond minimum zoning and code requirements and reach for inspired design.


Demographic Survey
Midtown Alliance will roll out a new survey to capture and benchmark demographics, commuting habits, perceptions of the District and more. The last survey of this type was conducted in 2013.