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Midtown Green

Midtown Green

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A Cleaner, Greener District

Midtown Alliance's landscaping and maintenance program helps keep Midtown clean and green, in all seasons. From planting to pruning to trash pickup, our 11-person full-time crew covers all the details to keep Midtown's public spaces looking great.

When we made the conscious decision to create the South's first EcoDistrict here, we began trying new approaches we believe will make Midtown a more sustainable place through and through. It shows up in everything from harvesting rainwater in our 3,000-gallon cistern to adding low-emissions vehicles into our fleet. We're even experimenting with transplanting trees that are constrained by overhead utilities to improve their odds for growing up strong. It’s all adding up to a positive impact on our urban environment, and delivering on the promise of better stewardship of resources.

Green Machine

Staffers work full-time representing Midtown Green
on projects to make Midtown clean and inviting.

Miles of maintenance and trash removal on Midtown's streets and sidewalks

Benches, light poles, bike racks and waste bins painted and maintained

Acres of landscaping maintained with harvested rainwater and water-efficient plants

Average weight in pounds of trash
removed in District weekly

Square feet
of medians maintained

Trees maintained along
the public right-of-way

Pounds of trash removed
in 2015

Pet waste stations in the district
maintained by Midtown Green

A Closer Look # M y M i d t o w n V i e w Look Ahead Look Ahead

55-gallon trash bags removed
annually by Midtown Green

As the District has grown, so too has the amount of waste we pick up:


Midtown Alliance continues to integrate environmentally sensitive practices into the work we do. In 2015, these included water-wise plantings, cistern-fed irrigation, procuring sustainable office materials, purchasing energy-efficient light-duty vehicles, and incorporating sustainable best practices requirements into construction and landscaping RFPs.

In 2015, we also educated more Midtown building owners and managers about the City’s new energy and water efficiency ordinance, partnering with the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and Southface to offer training.

Midtown Alliance also provided ongoing education about recycling best practices and the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge, organized by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. The program involves buildings representing 30M square feet of space committed to the challenge of reducing energy and water consumption by 20% by the year 2020.


EcoDistrict Luminaries

We welcomed new corporate Luminaries in 2015, joining a roster of more than 20 organizations, each achieving specific benchmarks on sustainable operations:

Gold Luminaries

1180 Peachtree

Alston + Bird


Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


Hines (999 Peachtree)


One Atlantic Center

Perkins + Will


Working Buildings

Green Luminaries

1075 Peachtree

1100 Peachtree

Bank of America Plaza

Centergy One

Heery International



Loews Atlanta Hotel

Lord Aeck & Sargent



South City Kitchen

Triage Consulting Group



A Closer Look # M y M i d t o w n V i e w Look Ahead N o w I n V i e w

New projects are coming into view to support clean and green initiatives, from Midtown Alliance service vehicle route optimization software to new landscaping methods.


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