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A Closer Look # M y M i d t o w n V i e w Look Ahead Look Ahead N o w I n V i e w

A Safer, More Welcoming Midtown

The population in Midtown continues to grow: 15,000 residents, 65,000 daytime workers and 6 million annual visitors, all in a 1.2 square mile area. Overall, crime in the Midtown Improvement District was down in 2015, compared to the year prior, with an average of 1.3 “person-on-person” crimes reported per week. But we know there's more work to do to keep Midtown safe.  

Our public safety strategy includes patrolling, monitoring, education, collaboration and enforcement to protect and serve all who live, work, and visit the Midtown Improvement District. Midtown Blue's team of more than 40 off-duty Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers provides 'round the clock coverage, augmenting APD’s on-duty patrols. And in 2015, we launched the Midtown Blue Public Safety Patrol, providing extra support and more interaction. This adds up to one of the most robust public safety programs of its kind in the U.S.

NEW: Midtown Public Safety Patrol Puts More Eyes/Ears on the Street

This new program to augment off-duty APD police officers was created from the ground up in 2015. Midtown Alliance hired seven civilian public safety officers to create additional street patrol presence in the District. 

In their first 100 days:

Panhandlers engaged

Visits with property owners

Civilian assists made

Business contacts engaged

Police assists called

Parking surveillance patrols run

'Just the facts.'

Off-duty APD officers

Public Safety Patrol members

Who's who?

Midtown Blue's off-duty APD officers and Public Safety Patrol team work exclusively in the public right of ways of the Midtown Improvement District.

Off-Duty APD: sworn officer with full arrest authority, patrolling in Midtown Blue marked vehicles and on foot.



Public Safety Patrol: civilian security professional, patrolling on foot, Segway and bicycle.


Total number of hours patrolled by Midtown Blue in 2015

Hours per week by off-duty APD officers

280 hours per week Public Safety Patrol (began in July)

Increase in the number of patrol hours for second half of 2015

Public safety training classes for employees conducted in 2015 by Midtown Blue

Code enforcement citations issued for noncompliance related to noise, signage, lighting, and commercial trash debris.

Construction site code enforcement citations issued for noncompliance related to noise, sidewalk obstruction, working outside permitted hours and lack of permit.

Number of high definition cameras covering more than 80% of the public right-of-way in Midtown. These cameras are also networked with the APD Video Integration Center (VIC), where they can be monitored and viewed to facilitate incident response by on-duty APD.

"Someone from Midtown Blue
checks in with us every day."

Harry Mercer, Director of Security for Bank of America

On the Same Page: Quarterly Public Safety Meetings

Midtown Blue also holds quarterly public safety meetings for our MID public safety partners representing: APD, MARTA, Georgia Tech, SCAD, Emory, the Federal Reserve, commercial and residential property owners, private security and others. These meetings provide useful information that keeps lines of communication open between law enforcement, private security and commercial property managers. 

A Closer Look # M y M i d t o w n V i e w Look Ahead Look Ahead

A Closer Look # M y M i d t o w n V i e w Look Ahead Look Ahead

Breaking Down Crime in Midtown

There are ten types of Part 1 crimes tracked by APD Zone 5. These figures relate only to Part 1 crimes that occurred within the boundaries of the Midtown Improvement District.


  • Crime within the MID was down 8% in 2015 compared to 2014

  • 91% of the crime in the MID was non-violent property crime.

A Closer Look # M y M i d t o w n V i e w Look Ahead N o w I n V i e w

In 2016, Midtown Blue and APD will start up additional bicycle patrols and add new reporting technology.


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